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B-day celebrations and Improving literacy one comic at a time.

I'll be real. I had to google the word "literacy" to make sure I was spelling it right. Which leads me perfectly to the topic of this post!

Last week was my birthday, so my wife had the unenviable task of keeping me entertained with a whole weekend of fun activities, events, and general celebration.

Some of the highlights included shooting down zombies in a ghoul-infested VR sandbox, followed by a giant pork chop dinner at a fancy restaurant. What can I say, the woman knows me too well.

Amidst the gorging and zombie slaying, we found the time to attend a really fun event hosted by the awesome people at Bat City Comic Professionals!

Bat City Comic Professionals is a Non-Profit Organization Funded by their Comic Book Shop in Austin, TX. They work to create educational opportunities and resources for students, parents, and teachers through comics education. Yes I took that direct from their website...(who better to explain it then them, right?)

The event was a Spider-Man themed viewing party and fundraiser. We got to listen to a band called The Afterthoughts play select songs from the Spider-man franchise, as well as a few of their own original numbers.

They also had a silent auction running all night for a chance to win Mondo posters, comic books, action figures, and a bunch more stuff. Finally, they ended the night with a screening of Sam Raimi's Spider-man 2.

I'm not gonna lie, it felt good to help raise money to put books in classrooms and libraries. And if at the same time I get to watch what is perhaps the greatest Spider-man movie...nay, the greatest superhero movie ever made... well that's just a win win.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, you should check them out. They have an awesome store with a great selection of comics and other cool things.

As per usual I don't know how to end these things. So instead of a sign-off, I will leave you with this final thought: What exactly happened to Brittany Murphy? None of the details of her demise seem to add up.

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